World War Z Plot Holes

Major plot hole: While zombies can run after falling from a building or a height at least 100 feet on the concrete, a single bullet shot can take them down.

Major plot hole: Turns out, in order to survive in a severe passenger jet crash shattering into tiny pieces all you need to do is just be Brad Pitt with the seatbelt on. Or you can be his female companion. To top it off, you will be able to walk despite the simple fact that the seat belt should have damaged your body.

Major plot hole: Instead of completely breaking the passenger jet or at least blowing its parts off, a grenade that was thrown inside only makes a hole in the wall.

Major plot hole: Although it takes only 12 seconds for a bitten person to turn into a zombie, heroes wait for more than 12 seconds and chop off the bitten body part to prevent transformation.

Minor plot hole: Zombies find victims using the sense of sound and smell. However, if you don’t make a sound, that can’t smell you, as well.

Minor plot hole: Zombies can instantly detect a person with a terminal disease. How come that a zombie running at you can instantly figure out (without stopping to smell you) that you have a terminal disease?

Minor plot hole: When the hero of Brad Pitt was shown “ground zero” in South Korea, he asked to see the officer responsible for the situation. People showed him the pile of bodies in ash. Did anyone notice there was a hand moving?

Minor plot hole: By just telling people you are from the U.N., you can make them fulfill your orders. No one verifies your personality and trusts without any questions.

Unaddressed issue: When zombies started attacking Israel, soldiers’ number one task was to get Brad Pitt to his plane. Why helping one man to get to the airport was more important when thousands of people in the city were being turned into zombies?