Wanted Plot holes

Minor Plot hole: At the end of the movie, Weasley attacks the Fraternity and unloads hundreds of rats in the textile mill. Surprisingly, the rats spread across the full mill in a matter of seconds; some even going inside CLOSED drawers.

Major Plot hole: Cross, the actual father of the protagonist Weasley Gibson, reveals his true identity moments before he dies in his son arms. However, he had numerous occasions to tell him before that. For years, he was living just besides his son in an adjacent apartment. He didn't have to try to reach him at a grocery store. He simply had to knock on his door or give him a call.

Unaddressed Issue: The Fraternity receives orders to kill from the loom of fate. An actual loom that gives away names through binary code. But what happens when there are more than two people with the same name? What happens if someone changed his/her name? What happens if someone does not live in New York city where all the killings take place?