The Wolverine Plot holes

Minor Plot hole: Wolverine temporarily loses most of his healing abilities but somehow never bleeds or keep scars when his triple 8-inches long adamantium claws rip through his knuckles’ skin.

Minor Plot hole: Wolverine’s adamantium claws can cut through any metal known to man– unless they are Japanese swords. Because either Wolverine’s claws became somewhat weak in the past few years or every sword in Japan is made of adamantium. Take your pick.

Major plot hole: The following discussion was cut from the movie:

Yukio: Logan, we need to save Mariko – she is in this cartoonishly evil tower !
Logan: Great! Since the tower will be heavily guarded by ninjas –we need to enter as sneakily as possible. This is why I propose to take my fucking loud motorcycle!
Yukio: Hmmm. Ok. I’m actually not sure that’s a good plan Logan.

Logan: BUT WAIT. There’s more ! When I’ll show up and have alerted the whole ninja army of my presence; I will barely fight any of them, instead opting for a course of action that will maximize my likelihood of success by running in a straight line 1 mile away from the Tower, in the middle of the street, without ever using my overpowered claws to cut the ropes and arrows that the twenty deadly ninjas will use against me and without ever changing course to run for any tangible physical object that you could consider as ‘’cover’’ – unless you consider the air as cover for arrows. Then I guess I’ll have all the cover I need.

Yukio: WTF. Aren’t you an immortal/quasi-invincible soldier who participated in more wars than any human in history? Wouldn’t your war tactics be a little more advanced than incontinent toddlers playing with Nerf swords? Did that adamantium bullet give you lasting effects of being stuck in a 1 dimension reality when you feel threatened? Is there anything you can tell me about your plan that will stop my urge from killing myself?
Logan: YES. You are not part of my plan. I expect you to follow me from behind and hopefully be useful eventually. So if I get captured, you can enter the lair in a less sneaky way than using a motorcycle and hopefully you can save me.
Yukio: Oh god.
Logan: I’M THE BEST AT WHAT I DO! And what I do isn’t really bright !

Super Plot hole: Oh snap! A main villain’s plan that makes no sense! Stop the press. Ok let’s get through it. Yashida wants Wolverine’s healing power: he wants to live forever. He finds him in Canada, brings him to Japan and first asks him gently if he would like to give his powers willingly. Logan refuses and sleeps at his house and plans to leave the next day.

Ok villain, do you realize the movie is over? You have your main target sleeping in your house and you have all the technology necessary to stop him right here right now. You have a mutant who looks like a Conehead deleted scene character called Viper who has poisons that can knock-out pretty much everyone for a few hours. You also have a machine that can be inserted in Wolverine’s mouth to diminish his healing powers. You have EVERYTHING, EVERYTHING you need to make Logan your prisoner in the giant tower 15 minutes into the movie without any resistance from anyone.

So what do you do? Ah yes, the good old ‘’let’s just weaken him and let him roam free in Japan while he fights against the Yakuza with the high possibility of death and/or destruction of his body plan’’. Everything Viper and Yashida do for the rest of the movie, the next 100 minutes of it, is to search for Logan in order to bring him to a base to extract his bone marrow so that Yoshida can get his healing ability. But why would you let him go then? He was already weak and in your house on his very first night in Japan. Poison him and get him to the tower directly.

And we are not done. What about that stupid giant Silver Samurai armor? Talk about a completely pointless thing. What was the plan with that? If Yashida only wanted to cut Logan’s claws, he only needed a machine to do so – not a whole 5 trillion dollar adamantium samurai suit. What will he do with it afterwards? Walk with it on the street? It wouldn’t take long before fighter jets bomb the shit out of him. Nothing says ‘’shoot here’’ better than a 12-feet tall shiny silver machine let loose somewhere! The only logical conclusion we can make out of this is that Logan wasn’t able to completely shield young Yashida from nuclear radiation to his brain.

Plot contrivance: When the character-driven movie transforms into Wolverine: Beat-them-up the video game for the final act, Wolverine’s first challenge is an army of more than 50 skilled ninjas. They are so good that they incapacitate him relatively easily. Good thing they are nowhere to be seen for the final boss against CGI-stupid-shit-giant-samurai-asshole. Think about it – a giant 30 story tower in the middle of a Japanese village, and only 3 enemies were inside the tower.

Plot contrivanceWhen Harada gets stabbed with the super-hot adamantium sword and lifted in the air, why isn’t he cut down the middle like a pound of butter would be if lifted by a hot knife? The answer: PG-13. But here is a tip for filmmakers, if you can’t show a gruesome death in your film then don’t create a situation in which your character would clearly get cut in half and then refuse to render it on screen. It just looks weird.

Retroactive continuity: Wolverine meets Yashida in 1945 and still remembers and recognizes him in the present even if the last movie, X-Men Origins: Wolverine showed us he took an adamantium bullet to the head that made him forget everything that happened to him prior to his operation post-WW2.

Unaddressed Issue: How was Wolverine not able to feel Viper approaching him at night and rape his mouth with a shrimp robot that would cut through his esophagus to attach itself to his heart? Was he poisoned beforehand? Because if he wasn’t – most humans would wake-up to that, and Logan is no human – he is a mutant with super-strong hearing. So…..what happened?

Unaddressed Issue: How could Yashida take Wolverine’s healing power? He connects his Silver Samurai outfit to Logan’s severed claws and plans on extracting his bone narrow. But how did he know it would work? And does it work on all mutants? Could a villain mutant like Magneto do the same technique on other mutants to gain their powers? Can we bet 50$ that this technology will never be used nor mentioned again in the next films?