The Village Plot Holes

Major plot hole: The whole village that was initially shown as an 18th-century American colony actually exists in the 2000s in a Pennsylvania state forest and it totally cut off from the entire modern world. However, it’s never clearly explained how this was organized: keeping the area in the center of a small modern state absolutely free from civilization would be hard. If the actions took place in some remote area in Siberia, Canada, or Mongolia, it would be easier to believe in what happened.

Major plot hole: Judging by the place where the village was placed, and by the guard that was organized, the forest would be still accessible to hikers, bicycles, and naturalists (or even hunters), so the Village could be sooner and later revealed.

Minor plot hole: Even in the deepest and the oldest state forests, there are roads for wheeled vehicles. How would the Village inhabitants explain that to the young generations?

Minor plot hole: The conditions in which the children in the Village lived simply conflicts with Child Services’ requirements, which would cause the agency to interfere with the community.

Minor plot hole: The community sends a blind teenage girl to find medications for an injured member. People simply believe that she is the one who can go through the forest, but on what is this belief based upon? It’s not explained how the girl didn’t get lost wandering in the wood – even a sighted person can easily lose the track and die without creepy creatures around. Besides, it’s not explained how the girl would orient in the outer world.

Minor plot hole: The community gives the blind woman a note where her situation is explained. Placing a helpless blinded person in such dangerous conditions can be a cause for criminal penalties, but neither a social agency nor the police investigates the case. Seems like nobody cares.

Unaddressed issue: In fact, all types of aircraft fly above Pennsylvania. How would all aircraft be rerouted to avoid traversing tens of miles of the space is unknown.

Unaddressed issue: State forest is patrolled by park personnel and rangers, and sooner or later some of them should have come upon the Village and reveal its secret. How come none of them ever found it?

Unaddressed issue: Living on a state forest is allowed by special permissions only (obtaining which is pretty hard). How did the community solve this issue?