The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor Plot holes

Minor Plot hole: There are no mummies in this film. Dead bodies need to go through the process of mummification in order to become mummies. This film only features undead warriors. This is similar to how Twilight is suppose to feature vampires but only show emasculated shiny boys.

Minor Plot hole: The main characters try to reach the Golden Tower in the Himalayas before the emperor in order to make it impossible for him to place a special diamond on it and learn the location of Shangri-La. They succeed ! But instead of destroying the tower with their dynamite as soon as they arrive…..they wait for the quasi-invincible mummy and his Chinese mercenaries to meet them.

Minor Plot hole: The Sorceress Zi Yuan was stabbed in the Chest by the Emperor 2000 years ago. She was about to die, but she explains that the yetis saved her by bringing her to the magic waters of Shangri-La. But the film established that the Yetis were in the Himalayas. Which means that the yetis were fast enough to reach the Emperor’s castle and come back to Shangri-La with the sorceress before she died from her stab wound to the stomach. Can they teleport ? Did they have snowmobiles ?

Minor Plot hole: General Ming is torn apart by horses in the lengthy prelude of the film. However, when he is revived by the sorceress, he is only missing 1 arm. But being torn apart by horses would mean that 2 other parts of his body would be missing. An arm and a leg, or a leg and a leg.

Major Plot hole: When the Dragon Emperor is revived, no one but the Connor family is trying to stop him. The Chinese army and police forces are not helping out, even though the Mummy wrecked havoc everywhere in Shanghai with his metal horses. And since there were instances of two other mummies in the past, the government would believe them and the 1000 eye-witnesses who saw him destroy property in all those crowded streets.

Plot contrivance: The Sorceress makes a spell to revive a dead Chinese army with a Chinese spell book…..but chant the spell in English.

Plot contrivance: Jonathan drops a missile on a military Jeep where the two bad Chinese generals are shown to explode with the car. However, both of them are later on back to fight the good guys with some minor burns on their skins and clothes. Great way to make the movie look remotely serious guys, good job!