The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Plot holes

Major Plot hole: Surprise! Plutarch’s plan was all along to save Katniss from the games and make her escape the clock-dome before President Snow could see it coming. This is why he

(1) Sprayed killing poison gas at Katniss while she was asleep – knowing she would wake-up just in time because he has the intuition of a Jedi

(2) Sent a horde of fucked-up baboons on bath-salts ready to eat her face-off – knowing they would mostly get killed while Katniss would get saved by a creepy camouflaged tribute who waited all day under a tree to die at the right moment.

(3) Made the Cornucopia spin like a giant 100 tons helicopter rotor in the off-chance Katniss would fall in the water and not explode her brain on one of the 12 separating hard-rock bridges.

I understand he had to make the game both interesting and credible for President Snow, but there is simply no way for him to predict and control so well the events he is throwing at Katniss. She already had enough problems of her own with the career tributes who wanted to kill her and who were uncontrollable by Plutarch. The fact Katniss survived this whole ordeal is simply a miracle – but it was all part of the plan!

Plot contrivance: Katniss understands Beetee’s plan as he lays motionless on the ground like a dumbass for trying to connect his wire to the force field a whole minute before lightning started to hit the tree. So much for the ‘’smart tribute’’. Anyway, Katniss connects the wire to one of her limitless arrows and aims at the sky. Her plan: shoot the arrow the nanosecond she sees the 4000 km/second lightning bolt strike the tree and transfer its devastating energy towards her frail body and her arrow to ultimately fire it into the force field. Easy-peasy. Obviously it was gonna work.

Plot contrivance: The final allocation of tributes in the 75th hunger games is statistically impossible.

1)   Every year – only one victor comes out of the annual Hunger Games
2)   Some years – past victors willingly come back to the games and win again
3)  Some districts are notoriously known for their warrior culture while others only spawn weaklings
4)   In the majority of cases – it is safe to assume more men would win the Hunger Games. (Not all of them – just more).

And yet, in the movie we have a perfect ratio of 12 female tributes and 12 male tributes from all the good & bad districts. Very convenient.

Plot contrivance: Katniss destroys the dome right above her head and colossal amounts of twisted metal plummet to the ground right on top of her….except not, even if she is right beneath their trajectory.
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<strong “mso-bidi-font-weight:=”” normal”=””>Unaddressed Issue: In order to potentially stall the games, Peeta says Katniss is pregnant to the whole World of Panem. Except no one checks to be sure and it would take 2 seconds.

<strong “mso-bidi-font-weight:=”” normal”=””>Unaddressed Issue: Why didn’t Peeta or Katniss mention that the great strategy by brainy Beetee was kind of dimwitted? If the whole plan was to connect the lake and the tree for an electric shock – there was no need to come back to the beach. They could have simply installed the cable on the beach at first and then move up to the tree without having to go back for no reason. Obviously – it was all part of the ‘’escape plan’’ but our main characters didn’t know that.