The Amazing Spider-Man Plot holes

Minor Plot hole: Peter Parker, a teenage nerd, is using Bing to search the internet. LMAO. A boy with spider powers fighting a giant lizard is less absurd.

Minor Plot hole: You might not believe me, but this great piece of dialogue was cut from the movie. When Peter walks in Oscorp offices, he was supposed to hear the following promotional advertisement:

Welcome to Oscorp: where we don’t give a shit about security. Are you an outsider trying to get in the labs to furiously masturbate in front of rats? Come on in. Our receptionists could not give less of a fuck about you not showing any piece of Identification before letting you take an intern’s badge. In fact, the sooner you show up to the office to steal someone else’s identity the better! Because the minute we will hear someone say that their cards have been taken by someone else, we will swiftly escort them out of the building to be beaten-up in the parking lot by men with long blond hair. There seems to be so many of them in New York.

Likewise, if you succeed in taking any visitor’s card to Oscorp labs – and you will, feel free to go anywhere you want as we didn’t spend any money on cameras and other recording devices. Most of that money was in fact spent on a ridiculous I-door handle application that will let you show all your hip friends the 4 line-password you used to open a deadly rotating free-roaming murder spider house (because science). The I-door handle application comes in bright colors and HD display for maximum copycat possibilities. Join Oscorp today. Oscorp: the best plot device company for drunk screenwriters on a deadline.

Minor Plot hole: At the end of the movie, New York is evacuated but all the SWAT teams are staying behind to find Dr.Connors. Some were transformed into lizards (and we never saw them again because they became the most expensive extras of all time) and the rest of the team was apparently at Dunkin’ Donuts since only Captain George Stacy joined Spider-Man at the top of Oscorp Tower. There was an helicopter just a scene ago that was following every move of the Lizard towards the top of the tower – and then we never saw it again. There are hundreds and hundreds of SWAT and police officers in New York, and somehow, the screenwriters took the bet that if they stopped showing them to us we would forget they existed and make us assume George Stacy was the only active cop remaining in the big apple.

Minor Plot hole: Why did all the citizens of New York evacuate the city except for crane operators? How did they know exactly where Spider-Man wanted to go? Why were they still at work at night when it’s illegal to operate heavy crane machinery? What are the odds that these 7 construction operators were all working on cranes adjacent to each other on the same two streets? And very importantly: why the hell would Spider-Man need any of their help? He can swing diagonally between skyscrapers like he always did in this movie. Sure, it might save him a good 4 seconds when you think about it: but it took twice as long to lift all the beams anyway. The scene itself is thus impossible to justify as a logic possibility – but it was still pushed through even if the outcome of it was pointless.

Major Plot hole: Dr.Connors, a.k.a tiny Godzilla, has a plan that makes no sense. In and of itself, it would not necessarily be a plot hole, but since the premise of this movie leads us to believe Dr.Connors is a very intelligent man: it creates a contradiction in the flow of the story to see him put in action the plan given to him by the drunk screenwriters on a deadline.

Here’s the problem: It is shown time and time again, that the green serum is not permanent. You take it, you transform into a giant lizard, and then you come back normal a few hours later with a few scales on your neck. So Dr.Connors’ plan to spread a lizard virus on New York wasn't going to last. By the time the sun would rise up again, everyone in the city would be back to human form. What will this have accomplished? Apart from creating chaotic news worldwide and increased the manhunt effort on Dr.Connors? A lot of other movies used this shitty concept before, but at least it worked in terms of permanency. The threat looming over the city would have been gone in the morning with or without Spider-Man’s intervention.

Major Plot hole: The movie should have ended midway through when Peter Parker challenged Dr.Connors after the bridge incident. Since Peter Parker is supposed to be a genius, the conversation should have gone like this:

Peter Parker: Dr.Connors, I saw a big lizard dude yesterday wreaking havoc in the city.
Dr.Connors: A lizard you say? Aren’t they the sexiest specie you ever saw?
Peter Parker: Well sir, I just wanted to tell you that the movie is over. You are the only guy I know who is obsessed with lizards. Yesterday we grew a new limb on this mouse with lizard DNA and I just took in my hands, a few seconds ago, the same kind of serum-injector we used on that rat on your desk: and it was empty and used. Adding the fact that you look completely fucked-up with your greenish scales on your neck and your overall aggressiveness towards all my questions concerning the lizard, I would have to be the dumbest fucks of all to not at the very least ask you more questions before letting you go. Since I’m a genius though, and since I got my spider powers from this lab, it is not very farfetched for me to just assume you are probably the lizard man. So let’s go to the NYPD headquarters, I won’t punch your jaw unless you talk about your lizard fetish again.

Plot contrivance: Quick. Name one person you know who writes ‘’property of’’ on their cameras. You can't. But Peter Parker does it– because the lizard had to learn who Spider-Man was.

Plot contrivance: You might not believe me, but this great piece of dialogue was cut from the movie.

Peter Parker: What is this Dr. Connors ? It looks like an expensive machine.
Dr.Connors: It’s one of our greatest inventions at Oscorp Peter. It’s worth billions of dollars. Sadly, it is not used for anything right now.
Peter Parker: It looks like a mortar.
Dr.Connors: Oh it’s much more than that. It’s a mortar WITH a 2-minute initialization countdown. You can’t throw shit out of this without a proper 2-minute script foreplay. There is no way this will come back to bite me in the ass – not a single villain in the history of villainy ever failed because their death machines could not start automatically at a press of a button. Anyway – let me show you this sweet video game on our door handles.

Unaddressed Issue: Since there was so much liquor in the screenwriter’s office – some of the hard stuff was given to the editors who proceeded to puked over all of the remaining scenes of Indian villain: Dr. Ratha.  One moment he is the looming sub-villain of the movie, the other his car is saved by Spider-man and we never see him again. Did his car eventually fall in the water when Spider-Man left the scene after being satisfied saving one kid? Did he reach whomever he wanted to reach? Did he start making serum tests in hospitals? Did he end-up in a call center?  Your guess is as good as ours – but it’s probably the call center.