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Star Trek (2009) Plotholes

Minor Plothole: Captain Robau accepts to meet Captain Nero at the beginning of the movie in his ship. The technology that permitted them to talk in their respective cockpit was enough to have a fluid discussion. There was no good reason for Captain Robau to leave his ship and to board Nero’s in order to have a conversation he could easily have in his cockpit with the added bonus of being protected against stab wounds.

Minor Plothole: In Star Fleet, 90% of the personnel are students (that makes sense), most of which die during the attack on Vulcan; and no one cares.

Minor Plothole: Chekov is able to find and beam Kirk and Sulu in the Enterprise while they fall from the sky but he is not able to beam Spock’s mother that is right beside all the other Vulcans who get beamed successfully.

Major Plothole: The drill that the Narada (Nero’s ship) is using to reach the center of Vulcan is not destroyed with the Enterprise’s impressive arsenal of laser and missiles. Instead, they send 3 students with parachutes to destroy the massive drill with a sword and some guns.

Major Plothole: Because Kirk is challenging the authority of Captain Spock, he is marooned on a dangerous icy planet….instead of being kept in the Enterprise in a cell.

Major Plothole: Kirk, who could have ended anywhere on the Icy planet (Delta Vega), encounters the older Spock just before he is killed by a terrible monster. The odds of Kirk’s capsule landing a couple of meters away from Spock’s cave are ridiculously low.

Major Plothole: In the movie, Red Matter can create black holes, but can also create time-travelling holes; depending on what the script needs. Also, a drop of red matter or the whole sphere of it cause approximately the same effects.

Major Plothole: A supernova destroys Romulus and all its inhabitants.In the 21st century, we can already know millions of years in advance when a star might die. A supernova is not a surprise. If Romulians were not retarded, they would not have been caught by surprise by something that announces it’s arrival millions of years in advance.

Super Plothole: Nero, the villain, comes back in time. Instead of saving his people by telling them, years in advances, that their star will explode; he does everything in his power to destroy older Spock’s life and does nothing to prevent what caused him the pain in the first place that pushed him to hate Spock. But as shown in the previous plothole, Romulians are all retarded, so it makes sense.