Spider-Man 2 Plot holes

Minor Plot hole: Doc Ock is not superhuman. He is a regular dude attached to a unique set of robot arms. With that said, it means that any direct hit from Spider-Man would implode his internal organs. But it doesn't. Otto gets several punches and kicks from the human equivalent of a 180 pound spider and still doesn't get a scratch. What then could possibly hurt this invincible man? Could it be an old senile lady with a shitty wooden umbrella ? (Answer: Yes) And what exactly stopped the police from firing one good shot at his face and kill him instantly? (Answer: the script).

Minor Plot hole: Doc Ock's fusion reactor suffers from a screenplay disease called ''selective magnetism''. In one scene, it attracts women's necklaces but not their earrings. In another, it attracts all the metal walls and ceiling of an abandoned factory but not its metal floor. This is necessary so that Doc Ock can sacrifice himself later to plunge the fusion core into the ocean – even though the magnetism of the core should have been enough to make it fall in the water alone in the first place.

Major Plot hole: Quick. Without thinking. What is the best persuasion technique to make someone tell you something you want to know ?
(A) Negotiate with them
(B) Buy the guy some milk and cookies
(C) Throw a taxi at him from outside a coffee shop while he is completely unaware you want some information from him
If you chose (A) or (B), congrats! You are not as stupid as Doc Ock.

Major Plot hole: New York citizens suffer from a screenplay disease called ''selective amazement''. The press and the scientific community are in awe in front of Doc Ock's revolutionary fusion core reactor, but they can't give a single shit to his four indestructible-sentient-mechanical-serpent-robot-arms that are needed for the experiment to work. This is a discovery in itself that would make him one of the most famous doctors in the world – but no one cares. It's like inventing batteries in order to create a vibrator and not a single  scientist cares about the batteries.

Plot contrivance: Instead of being showcased in a secure lab environment, the first public fusion core reactor experiment is held inside a skyscraper in downtown New York. Yup, nothing wrong about starting a nuclear reactor on the tenth floor of your building. What's the worse that could happen?