Skyfall Plot Holes

Major Plot Hole: In fact, villain’s plan shouldn’t have worked. Everything went ideally according to his plan, exactly the way he needed it to, and when he needed. Had one slightest detail in circumstances or timing changed, the entire villain’s plan would be spoilt irretrievably.

Major Plot Hole: We see that James Bond it shot with a riffle into his thorax, and falls from about 300 feet to the river below. Both things should have been fatal for him: he would die either from the bullet without medical emergency, or from the plummet into the water. Water is the liquid that isn’t compressed, it’s the law of hydraulics, and after 50-75 feet, falling into water would cause pretty the same effect as falling onto the ground. Bond wouldn’t be able to survive the gunshot combined with falling into the river from such a height.

Major Plot Hole: But the above-mentioned events weren’t the ones that violated the laws of physics. To top it off, after the gunshot, Bond fell out from the train. As far as the train was moving forward, James’ body should have followed the momentum of the train and been carried along the rocky bank of the river. In real life, a person would have landed on those rocks and be killed. Instead, Bond falls downward from the train into the river, which would be totally impossible.

Minor Plot Hole: Eva, Bond’s partner in the beginning, shoots him accidentally. After that, she hesitates for a few seconds after doing that, even though she’s got a sniper rifle that she apparently can use professionally, and doesn’t shoot another person on the train, although the target is clear. Things are worsened by the fact that this man doesn’t do anything to protect himself from being shot.

Minor Plot Hole: The helicopter that crashes near the manor house and explodes soon after is full with fuel. However, the explosion doesn’t kill or injure the people around it, or people in the house separated from this helicopter by only a wall.

Unaddressed issue: James Bond, who has proved to be a wise spy, took M, his boss, who was being hunted to a spot where there were neither useful weapons, nor backup agents to help them. The stupidity of this action is doubled when the villains arrive at the spot in a couple of house, and it turns out that no one decided to call for backup – they simply waited.