Skyfall Plot holes

Minor Plot hole: James Bond and Patrice are having a big fight: cars flip out of a cargo train, a bulldozer is on a rampage on top of it, the train eventually gets cut in half, and the chauffeur and emergency breaks all have this one common mood characteristic: they don’t give a shit. In any real world situation, the train would have stopped a few seconds into the action sequence.

Minor Plot Hole: Bond is on top of a train going very fast. He falls off of said train and falls a very far distance. But he he is shown falling straight down. His momentum from being on the train would have carried him into the rocks at the bottom of the hill, thereby making his miraculous resurrection truly Lazarus-like.

Minor Plot hole: Part of a metro tunnel explodes in the middle of London causing a full metro car to crash and burn in an underground tunnel with the thunderous sound of metal death. And yet, Silva escapes ground zero and hides in the crowd of subterranean London dwellers who didn’t feel like their sense of security was violated by the echoing sound of doom. Perhaps we can infer their lack of survival drive because it’s the first time there is a terrorist attack in London metro stations, right?

Minor Plot hole: Patrice, the assassin, kills a few security extras in a Shanghai building before taking the glass elevator to reach his sniping position. Quick quiz question for you guys: when you enter an elevator, do you turn around to face the door in order to choose your floor? Yes you do. But Patrice is too cool for social norms. He enters the elevator of a building after killing a few guys and he simply doesn’t care about anything or anyone that could sneak-up on him. A third security guard could have been there aiming at his head while he was in the elevator. But this security concern is of no value to professional killer Patrice, he really WANTED to turn his back to the elevator – almost as much as the screenwriter WANTED him to turn his back to the elevator so James Bond could run up to him and jump under the elevator without him noticing.

Major Plot hole: James Bond is a man that beats unbelievable odds. It is part of his character. However, he usually beats unbelievable odds that are thrown at him, not ones he creates himself. He can kill 20 guys in a hotel if he is forced too – but he would never be stupid enough to create this situation himself. Except he did it in this movie. He lured a super villain with quasi-unlimited resources to a gun fight against him and a geriatric lady in a shit-old chalet. Of course they end-up having a third ally: Kincade, the retarded old man who likes to wave around a flash light in complete darkness to make sure bad guys can find him. But the problem here is not that James Bond won the fight 3vs15 (even though it’s stupid), the problem is that James Bond planned this gun-gang-rape in advance and assumed he would come out victorious. Which is in itself so retarded that it is insulting to Kincade.

Major Plot hole: MI6 has weird weapons. They buy rifles that can only shoot once before reloading. Otherwise Eve Moneypenny could have, you know, shot the bad guy endlessly after she first hit James Bond on top of that train. Instead she just kept eye contact with him and hoped to make him die of guilt.

Major Plot hole: Silva’s plan makes no sense. He wanted to get caught on that depressing shit of an island to then escape to find M, so he…

1)    Needed Patrice to die at the hands of MI6
2)    Needed to make sure Patrice would have his Macao casino chip in his coat
3)    Assumed James Bond would just go to the casino after finding the chip because where the fuck do you want a better clue to the hideout of a villain than to assume the farfetched notion that assassins enjoy the thrills of gambling risks
4)    Assumed James Bond would find his girl, Sévérine, and proceed to not get killed by her 3 body-guards
5)    Assumed Sévérine would like James Bond and offer him to join her on that boat for some shower-sex based on her secret desire to find a man strong enough to kill Silva
6)    Assumed James Bond would be wearing a tracking device to the island so MI6 could send a few choppers to arrest him
7)    Assumed his guards would not search Bond for aforementioned tracking device OR assume none of his guards cared about getting caught by MI6
8)   Assumed the MI6 nerds would hook-up his virulent computer to their mainframe instead of an isolated server
9)   Assumed there would not be mechanical locks to his cell - even though they were in an underground WW-2 bunker

In order to succeed, Silva had to sacrifice many of his men and pray every night to the dwarf moon-god of luck to make sure all those steps happened.

Major Plot hole: Silva’s plan makes even less sense than the already exposed nonsense. His plan was to first humiliate M; destroy her office, leak the identity of various double agents and make her feel guilty about their inevitable deaths, pressure the government to get rid of her as head of MI6 and leave as a disgrace, etc. Ok, that’s fine. But the second part of his plan was to kill her.  The fact that he had two henchmen waiting for him in a metro station to give him a fake police costume and the fact that it would be very hard to kill M while she was inside the bunker surrounded by dozen of agents makes it inevitable to think that Silva always intended to kill M during her court appearance. HOWEVER, with everything we explained already about the impossibility of outcome of Silva’s plan, now we have to buy the impossibility of timing – whereas everything Silva assumes would happen also had to happen at exactly the time he thought it would happen. If Silva got caught a few days later, or if Q took two more hours to decipher his computer virus, Silva would have escaped through the sewers and M would not be at her court hearing anymore - thus negating all his work.

Plot contrivance: Even assuming Silva’s plan to get caught makes sense (it doesn’t); there is no way it could have worked. This is why his initial escape is off-screen, because it becomes ridiculous when you think about it. Silva was able with his computer virus to unlock all doors in MI6 underground bunker. Pretty cool. But he is still in a glass prison cell with two armed guards in front of him. Are we to assume the super-trained guards of MI6 who were watching him not quick enough to take out their handguns as soon as they saw Silva open his cell’s door? Especially after Silva made it clear he was expecting to get out by standing up, zipping his suit and smiling knowingly after the guards were asking him if he was going somewhere? Apparently, yes.

Plot contrivance: MI6 really needs to find Patrice, the assassin who stole the hard drive containing all NATO double-agent information. Their plan? Send 007 to find him, alone. The oldest field agent, who failed the physical and mental tests to rejoin service, and the only one Patrice ever saw face to face after their homoerotic encounter on top of a train. Would it not be simpler to send a younger agent that Patrice never saw? Or two?

Plot contrivance: While Bond is in the passenger seat of Eve’s car, he does not think it might be a good idea to take out his gun and shoot at Patrice who is right beside him in the car they are pursuing. But he makes sure to take his gun out and aim at Patrice as soon as he leaves the car though. Nice work James!

Plot contrivance: When Q has realized that Silva is heading to the Parliamentary hearing to kill M, he simply texts M's aide to try to get her to safety.   In real life, I'm pretty sure they'd throw a major cordon around  the building, secure the room and start a complete evacuation.  There would be concern for the ministers and officials a well as M, to say nothing of the spectators etc. But you gotta keep the tension balloon high in the air so all heavy common sense items must be thrown overboard.

Unaddressed issue: Bond gets shot by Eve on top of a train and falls to his death in a river. The whole intro song is based on this event and yet we are never shown how he survived the ordeal. Which is kind of important considering it is the biggest physical trauma James Bond ever suffered in his 23 films.

Unaddressed issue: Bond chases Silva through a bunch of subway ('tube') tunnels, and nearly catches him, but Silva blows up the tunnel's ceiling as a train is passing by.  Did Silva know he would be almost-caught in that room just as a train was passing above?  Did he plant explosives in every tunnel underground just in case he got almost-caught while Bond was on the other side of the room with a train approaching?

Unaddressed issue: Bond watches as Patrice sets up his sniper rifle, cuts a hole in the window, aims and shoots a random guy in cold blood.  We have no idea who the guy is, and Bond was just standing there watching, making no attempt to stop Patrice.  Bond is just told Patrice is there to do a 'job' - is he killing a an informant, or a political official?  We don't know - and neither does Bond.