Limitless Plot holes

Major Plot hole: Eddie Mora (Bradley Cooper) takes a special drug that makes him super intelligent and able to recall anything that happened in his life. But he didn't recall one important thing: to payback the 100 000$ loan he took from a dangerous Russian Gangster. This would have been rather easy since he collected more than 2 million $ on the stock market that week. Any normal person would think about it, but this Einstein did not. But this is nothing compared to.....

Major Plot hole: Eddie Mora is not subtle. Everyone knows he his the last man to have seen his ex brother-in-law alive and selling the NZT drug. But still, when Eddie starts to use the drugs he doesn't think about the fact that everyone will start looking at him suspiciously after his booming career. Any normal person would think about it, but this Einstein did not. But this is nothing compared to....

Super Plot hole: The drug itself can be revamped to become permanent. If this is the case, then how could Eddie be the first one to come up with the idea and then execute it ? Surely any one of the scientists who created the drug could take the drugs themselves, become more intelligent, and make the drug permanent like Eddie did. This story mentions a few people who got sick and/or killed by the drug because of the side-effects, yet they could have perfected the drugs themselves with their intelligence in a couple of weeks.

Plot contrivance: Recalling every kung Fu movie you saw in your life cannot make you a combat-machine. Fighters need to train for years to develop their muscles, fortify their bones and make their ligaments more flexible. Even if Eddie knew how to fight, his body could not keep up and would likely hurt himself as much as he is hurting the 10 thugs in the Metro station.

Plot contrivance: When Eddie drinks the Russian gangster's blood in order to revivify himself, he sees fit to engineer  a poke-in-the-face-hidden-mouth-vertical-needle-strike........instead of simply running away while the 2 body-guard were still sawing the locked safe.

Plot contrivance: The fictional drug featured in the film claims to give access to 100% of the brain's capacity, instead of the "normal 20%." Anyone with a degree in neuroscience, or who knows how to use google, would snicker at this concept. The popular "10% myth" is laughably inaccurate, and has been disproved multiple times. We use almost every part of our brain, just not all at once.