In Time Plot holes

Minor Plot hole: Timberlake gets arrested at a night party. His time gets depleted of all but 2 hours. So the magic of action-sequence editing later shows us he is driving his car back in the ghetto in order to find a way to recharge his armclock. But its broad daylight! The party with the hundreds of rich guests was not at 5 in the morning. By the logic of this movie, Timberlake would have died during his car escape at night. But this obviously didn’t happen and he was saved in extremis by a pawn shop that was JUST about to close…..during the middle of the day.

Major Plot hole: Timberlake is able to fool Philippe Weis by ”pretending” to be one of his personal guards in order to surprise him later with a gun in his back. But this doesn’t work. You would think a group of guards hired by one of the richest men in LA would be somehow competent – not competent enough to know each others names, but competent enough to spot a guy who doesn’t belong in their group – especially when his face and the word ‘Wanted’ are on all the posters in the city.

Major Plot hole: Timberlake is able to steal a million years from Weis’s vault because he kept him hostage during the whole operation. But when he finally gets his prize, he leaves Weis and assumes he won’t get shot on the spot by the few dozens guards who are somewhere waiting for him in the building. This obviously happens and confirms that the screenwriter experienced an epileptic seizure on the floor so that his inbreed 5 year-old son could finish writing the scene for him.

Major Plot hole: Timekeeper Raymond mentions that rich people tend to drive slowly. So obviously, since Timberlake became super-rich after stealing a million years out of his hostage’s father, he sees fit to drive slower than anyone else in the whole city…..because that makes no sense.

Major Plot hole: After Timberlake stole a million years, both him and Sylvia Weis didn’t think it would be wise to ‘recharge’ their time a bit – just in case they would die soon, which they were totally about to. How retarded must you be to NOT take at least a few minutes out of your million years time-currency-loot knowing you will die in an hour AND give this loot in the ghetto streets to the ONLY little girl in the city and expect everyone to not stomp her ass and kindly wait for their turn to be recharged with a smile?

Super Plot hole: If you watched this movie, you witnessed the most stupid dystopian future of recent time (lol I said time). If there is one thing dystopian futures need in order to work – its control- a way for the government to deter its people to act against it. But is there such a thing in this movie? Yes the time-currency system makes many poor people die fast, but that wouldn’t stop these millions of law-abiding-citizens to become mad as hell and throw a revolution. What’s missing…….could it be……COPS AND SOLDIERS ?

You see, this movie shows us that Los Angeles has about twelve time cops – half of which are needed to watch the CCTV full-time. And those cops are only concerned with time-related matters. If a burglar enters a house, steals a lamp, and rapes a daughter under 25, the time-cops won’t care because there is no time-currency involved (a.k.a the source of their erections).  So there is actually nothing separating the angry poor mob from the rich suburbs. There are in fact a few roadblocks here and there, but since there are NO COPS AND SOLDIERS around, they would get through rather easily.  As for banks, the deal is relatively the same. Dozens of cameras, no guards, no security, no alarms, no cops. And Timberlake is the genius who found out banks with no security and constantly open vaults are easy to steal with 1 gun and a car. How can this system work ?

Plot contrivance: Timberlake’s hot mother only has 90 minutes left to go home. She expects the bus fee to be 60 minutes, leaving her with 30 minutes, with at least half of which will be spent while waiting inside the bus. Even if she didn’t expect the bus ride to be more expansive, it is quite astonishing to see a veteran of the time system plan so poorly her daily operations so that any small change in her plan would kill her: the bus being late, her son being late, an accident, very bad rain, etc.

Unaddressed Issue: The process of sucking-out time of someone’s arm is lacking consistency. In a scene where Timekeeper Raymond interrogates Timberlake, he is able to drain more than a thousand years from his arm in a second. But in a subsequent scene with crime-lord Fortis, a few days worth of time is sucked-out of Mr. Sexy-back’s arm in more than a minute in order to build the best homoerotic foreplay the screenwriter could shoehorn without officially getting out of the closet.