Fast Five Plot holes

Minor Plot hole: When Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson clash in one of the best fight sequences of recent years, the police officers are so impressed that they do not try to stop Diesel, even when he is seconds away from potentially stabbing The Rock in the face with a wrench. Did they know he would have a change of heart and let him live ? Did they read the script too ?

Minor Plot hole: The title sequence involves Brian and Mia engineering a plan to make Dominic escape from his bus transport towards prison. Their plan ? Make the bus crash and flip several times in order to incapacitate the driver and police officers inside. But what about the other inmates and Dominic himself ? All of them could have died in the incident.

Later on the News, it is reported that ONLY Dominic escaped from the bus, the other inmates instead all decided to stay inside and wait for the police to catch them. Which is of course normal behavior for future inmates.

Minor Plot hole: The villain, Hernan Reyes, is about to kill the heroes. They are both chained to the ceiling. Instead of shooting them in the head to be done with it, he decides to leave the building with most of his troops to let 2 soldiers take care of them. Obviously, the chains are not strong enough to contain Vin Diesel's biceps power and none of the heroes' legs were attached. This leads to a typical escape.

In 1997, it was made clear by a movie called Austin Powers that it was one of the dumbest cliché for a villain to let the heroes die in secret at the hands of a few soldiers. How can this scene still be written more than a decade after it ?! The villain was there, he wanted them dead. Why not make sure of it ?

Minor Plot hole: Roman Pearce is at first going along with the plan to steal the money of the man who is said to 'own Brazil'. When he learns that it is more of a personal revenge than an actual risky heist, he decides to leave. He is then convinced to rejoin the operation when Dominic mentions that they will rob him of 100 million dollars.

But this is illogical. If Roman knew they were gonna rob all the money of the man who OWNS Brazil, he would expect the team to steal an incredible amount of money. In fact, it can be argued that a 100 million dollars is not so much for someone who is supposed to own a Country. How could he be surprised ? He wasn't, the screenwriters simply needed a joke for their comic relief.

Plot contrivance: Try this at home, put a remote-controlled car inside an open box and unto a shelf, activate it and make it go forward. Congrats ! You just crashed your toy on the floor with its wheels in the air. But if you are currently living in Fast Five, it worked !

Plot contrivance: A moving train is getting robbed of a few sports cars by a team who plasma-cut through an entire wall of the train to then push the sports cars into another big vehicle that is driving parallel to the tracks. Of takes at least 10 minutes for security agents and civilian passengers a few feet away to start witnessing the operation.