Edge of Tomorrow Plot holes

Super Plot hole: If the Omega knows that humans can gain an Alpha’s time-travelling power by being exposed to their blood (and it knows because Rita was the first to have that power), why would the Omega still send Alphas on the front line of their battles? Since humans are using bullets and bombs, the likelihood of getting splashed by blue blood is not small. In no conceivable way would this alien prolapse send alphas to the front line except to justify the premise of the movie.

And more than that, if the Omega knows that Tom Cruise is manipulating time, why would he only send a vision of him falsely hiding in the Bavarian alps and not change anything his soldiers do? After all, the Omega is the brain of the species and can (at least partially) control the other creatures. Why would he not change anything in every new time-reset created by Tom Cruise’s death? The fact that Tom Cruise can learn by heart how to make his way through the battlefield shows us that the Omega knows Tom Cruise is manipulating time and learning the present day like a god and he does nothing about it. Why? Because he is a prolapse from space that’s why! (disclaimer: if you don’t know what a prolapse is, don’t search for images first on the internet – consider yourself warned).

And another one! When Tom Cruise was a few seconds away from killing the Omega, why doesn’t he order the alpha to kill itself to reset time instead of risking getting blown-up?

Super Plot hole: So the power of the alpha works as follows: the moment it dies, time is reversed by a day or two and the aliens can restart their present with knowledge of the upcoming short-term future. Fine. But then, Tom Cruise kills an Alpha instantly by blowing it up….then it doesn’t go back in time because its blood has touched Tom Cruise and the time-travel power has been transferred to him. But if the Alpha died by super-explosion, its blood would never have the time to touch Tom Cruise and transfer its power to him because time would have already been reversed the moment the alpha died.

In the logic of this movie, it would only make sense for Tom Cruise to get the alpha’s power if he made it bleed without killing it and had some of its blood in contact with his skin/open wounds. But this didn’t happen: the Alpha exploded. The cycle would continue without Tom Cruise having his new ability.

Plot contrivance: So an alien species has the ability to come back in time after one of their ‘’alphas’’ is killed in combat but IF the killed alpha spreads its blood on a human being (and not any other species in the Universe) that Alpha transfers its time-travel ability to the human instantly and also disappears from the past even though it died in the future....Wait. What?

Plot contrivance: Rita realized she lost her time-traveling power after a blood transfusion even though she would have no way to know about it until she died again and never came back. A plausible explanation could be that she felt different after she was given blood like Tom Cruise but nothing was said nor shown about any of those two characters feeling different when they first gained their powers.

Plot contrivance: Tom Cruise is a TV military celebrity and no one recognizes him in the Heathrow Airport when he wakes-up there.

Unaddressed Issue: What was the point of Rita having a sword? Everyone has guns and their alien enemies are pretty much giant nano-robot dogs from hell who can’t (for the most part) use ranged attacks. Might be a good idea to use your only advantage against them.

Unaddressed Issue: Why is Tom Cruise sent back in time at the moment he wakes-up on the ground in the military base and not the morning before he leaves for battle? It is never shown in the movie, but every time-reset gives Tom Cruise another night of sleep. So why this exact moment and not another?

Unaddressed Issue: Rita reveals that the power of time-travel lies in their blood after having it transferred by an Alpha. But once they get a blood transfusion – they lose their power! But why? If the power is really contained in their bloodstream, why would losing and replacing a liter of blood completely cancel their power? Whatever the power is (blood cells, midi-chlorians ,etc) Tom Cruise or Rita would still have a big amount of those in their systems. Why would they lose their power instantly if they lose a little blood?

Unaddressed Issue: What happens when two people can control time at the same moment? Because we are in this situation with Tom Cruise and the Omega. What stops the Omega from killing a new alpha at the beginning of the time-reset by Tom Cruise to go back in time even further when he doesn’t have that power yet? Would he retain his powers anyway? Can they time-reset fight until Tom Cruise is back in his father’s balls? Your guess is as good as ours!

Unaddressed Issue: If Rita was sent to the psych ward for telling her superiors about her new time-travel powers, how did she kill herself considering the psych ward is the hardest place to commit suicide since they are actively watching out for this in their patients?

Unaddressed Issue: Why are the alphas or omegas taken out of the timeline when they die? I mean the human who barely touches their blood goes back in time, why not the being that is still primarily composed of this magic blood?

Unaddressed Issue: Why was the general so eager to send Tom Cruise in the war zone to do a live report on the attack? He is a PR machine after all. Would have been better to send any other dude and have Tom Cruise comment on it live on TV as he usually does. Does the general have a secret grudge that pushed him to contact Tom Cruise’s superiors in order to transfer him under his authority?

Unaddressed Issue: What powers does Tom Cruise keep at the end of the movie? He killed the Omega and gained its blood. Does that mean he is now an omega? Can he live a normal life and die of old age and come back in the helicopter in a super-long time-loop? If he has no powers at all, how and why did he come back alive in the past instead of staying dead? This final sequence of the movie is kind of weird.

Unaddressed Issue: Why do the mimics shoot alien bullets at incoming human cargo-planes full of exoskeleton soldiers but never again for the rest of the movie? (Except once for Rita, don’t email us about it).