Django Unchained Plot holes

Minor Plot hole: Near the end of the movie, a cool scene involves dynamite and a shitty Australian accent. However the movie is set in 1858 – nearly 9 years before Alfred Nobel invented his famous explosive.

Minor Plot hole: Bounty Hunting is a famously old profession dating all the way back to the great Boba Fett. However, Bounty Hunting in the US wasn’t legalized until 1873 with the Supreme Court case of Taylor v. Taintor. This means that Dr. Schultz would have been swiftly executed by the Marshall right after he killed the Sherriff.

Minor Plot hole: Stephen tries to intimidate Django’s penis by announcing him that he will soon be sold to a mining company where he will die slowly after a long and painful life of mining labor. He is then promptly dressed and sent in a caravan with other slaves….with his non-slave clothes, and freedom papers, and his first Wanted bill. At that point I was surprised he wasn’t given his old pistols and a horse.

Unaddressed Issue: Dr. Schultz slowly builds an inconceivable hate for Calvin Candie after witnessing one of his slaves getting eaten alive by dogs. This culminates with him shooting Calvin at point blank range with his hidden pistol. That’s all good – but why stop there? Dr. Schultz is a slick gunslinger and he could, you know, try to survive by shooting the other guards around him. We know he can at least try another shot since he killed a Sherriff earlier with two bullets in a row from the same pistol. Perhaps his death was inevitable but it is nonetheless remarkable to see him abandon his fight for survival as soon as it started – leaving Django and his wife to fend for themselves against unbeatable odds.

Unaddressed Issue: Why bring Django to reclaim Broomhilda? Since it was such a dangerous mission to lie to Calvin Candie, wouldn’t it be simpler for Dr. Schultz to simply say that he was looking for a slave that could speak German? Dr. Schultz would have an incredibly good motive to retrieve her from Candie and all signs pointed towards the fact that Candie was only possessive towards his strong Mandingo fighting slaves. That movie would obviously suck but the fact that the main characters never talked about this possibility is somehow jaw-dropping.