Die Another Day Plot holes (by Thesharknuker)

Minor plot hole: In the Icelandic invisible car chase scene Bond finds his car upside down with a bad guy’s missile coming straight for him. He proceeds to use his ejector seat to flip himself back over. Even if you suspend disbelief far enough to accept that the ejector seat could flip over a car that weighs 5000 pounds (including the weight of Bond’s weapons) on solid ground, there is no way Bond could pull this off on ice. The ejector seat would blow a hole through the ice as the movie shows but since the seat has nothing solid to push off; the car would not be affected.

Major plot hole: Bond suddenly finds he has the power to stop his own heart by willing himself to. Enough said.

Major plot hole: Bond’s partner Miranda reveals at the end that she was working for the villainous Col. Moon the whole time. Fair enough but why did she save Bond from capture by Mr. Kill (see below) if her end goal was to kill him? Wouldn’t it be easier to feign incompetence and let him get captured?

Plot contrivance: When Col. Moon heads off the edge of the waterfall in the pre credits action sequence, General Moon proclaims him dead without a body search even though it was very likely that he could have survived the fall.

Plot contrivance: Mr. Kill catches Bond sneaking into Gustave Graves’ laboratory. He chases after him but decides to leave him alone when he starts kissing Miranda. Why? Is interrupting kisses a felony in Iceland?

Plot contrivance: In the hovercraft chase scene, a hovercraft crashes into a shed which is then destroyed in a fiery explosion. But why? Even if the shed was filled with explosives, the hovercraft does not catch fire or even give off any sparks so there is no reason for this to happen.

Plot contrivance: When Bond and Col. Moon fight on the plane a giant hole is blown through it. The extras fly out but Bond and Moon magically stay on. Convenient.

Unaddressed issue: Why does General Moon not want to use the Icarus even though it would greatly strengthen the power of North Korea in their battle against Western imperialism? Did he become a pacifist after he thought that his son died?