Commando Plot Holes

Major Plot Hole: Matrix, the main hero, dropped from an aircraft during the takeoff. Taking into account the fact that the aircraft must have been moving at the speed 150-180 mph when that was occurring, and considering that Matrix fell from the height of 50-75 feet and landed on his back in some 1-3 feet of water, he must have been killed by that. However, instead of at least being injured, the hero doesn’t even get a scratch and successfully walks away. Note: when falling he drops straight down, this is incompatible with the laws of physics. In fact, as he was moving forward, he must have continued doing so when he fell.

Major Plot Hole: When Karen and Matrix run into the telephone pole, and the front of the car gets damaged, they’re both neither killed, nor injured. Considering the fact they didn’t even wear seat belts, they should have been thrown through the front window, or ejected from the car.

Major Plot Hole: When Cindy stands in a few meters from Matrix on a deserted road, he kills Scully by pushing him off the edge of the cliff. Then she asks Matrix what happened to Scully. Isn’t it nonsense that she couldn’t see or hear him?

Major Plot Hole: The character who is supposed to be the pilot makes several mistakes related to aircraft and flights, for example:

  • Saying that there are different kinds of fuel for usual and seaplanes (there aren’t);
  • She’s moving throttles forward and back, although it’s not always necessary during flight;
  • She claimed that the aircraft she trained featured LCD displays, while a Cessna model was too old to have LCD screens in 1985.
  • She tries to calculate how much fuel is required for a flight to the destination she has never been. It is too dangerous because they don’t know how long they may circle before finding a place to land. Besides, it’s crucial to know wind speeds.

Major Plot Hole: Matrix uses several Claymore mines to blow up buildings. In fact, Claymore mines are designed to injure and kill people by propelling ball bearings at a very high speed, they have a small explosive charge. This isn’t enough neither to blow up a building nor even to damage its exterior.

Major Plot Hole: Being a trained soldier, Matrix makes a stupid mistake by hanging grenades on his equipment gear by their pins. If one of these grenades gets loose, he won’t have time to put it back or run away before it explodes.

Unaddressed issue: While the intention of the movie’s villains is to kill Matrix and his daughter, they don’t hurry to kill her before she’s rescued by her father. They don’t even do that when he’s helping her.

Unaddressed issue: As far as the villains needed to make sure that they’d keep control of Matrix during the 11-hour flight, they could have contracted a private jet for that purpose. Why didn’t they? Had they done so, they would have controlled the protagonist and make sure that he did as they told. But, of course, they didn’t and Matrix successfully killed them.