Cloud Atlas Plot holes

Minor Plot hole: Adam Ewing is dying on a ship on his way to England. Dr. Redhead Tom Hanks is slowly killing him with poison in order to take his gold. In the climax of the sub-story, Autua, the stowaway slave, tries to save Adam but ends up getting strangled on the floor by the Doctor with no soul. In a moment of heroism, the dying and weak Adam slowly gets up from his bed and takes the most convenient blunt weapon beside him; a huge chest full of gold that weights a ton, and drives it through Tom Hanks' head like an Orcish battering ram into Minas Tirith’s walls. Was he a super Saiyan in another life? Since everyone is connected in this movie, it would make sense.

Minor Plot hole: Somni-451 and Hae-Joo Chang escape their apartment by creating a makeshift 2-feet wide metal bridge in-between two skyscrapers. That’s cute. But then, a dozen future swat soldiers show up at their window and start shooting at them. Hae-Joo Chang shows us his amazing ninja skills by making pirouettes and spins…..on the 2-feet large metal bridge. This means that, realistically speaking, no matter what type of Cirque du Soleil trick Hae-Joo was  doing on the bridge, he would still become a  bullet sandwich because he can’t leave the projectiles’ trajectories.

Minor Plot hole: In Neo-Seoul of the 22nd century, technology has evolved to a point where they can create sentient cyborgs, magnetic roads and Soylent Green fast-foods. However, it seems that in exchange for this new powerful technology, Koreans had to offer a sacrifice on the altar of technology: infrared homing. Way back in the 20th century, most fighter jets of most countries were equipped with heat-seeking missiles that would hit their targets once locked-in. But in the future, fighter Korean jets just launch obsolete missiles in the general direction of their targets, close their prosthetic Asian make-up eyes, and hope they hit something. It’s almost as if the main characters are protected from technological military advancement logic.

Plot contrivance: Timothy Cavendish is stuck in a nursing home against his will after his brother decided to trick him into thinking he was going to stay in a faraway hotel. It’s just too bad lawyers and courts don’t seem to exist in this universe or otherwise there would be no story.

Unaddressed Issue: How did Hae-Joo Chang survive his fall from the skyscraper bridge? Sure it makes for an interesting reveal when he shows up to save Somni-451 but it still doesn’t explain how he could survive a fall of almost a mile high in his underwear.