Apollo 18 Plot holes

Minor Plot hole: When the astronauts are commenting on the dropping temperature, they are at the Moon’s southern pole, which is about -390 degrees F.

Spider-Man 3 Plot holes

Minor Plot hole: The Particle accelerator vaporizes Flint Marko’s clothes,skin,organs and bones. But it decided to keep the cute locket intact. Minor Plot hole: The

Toy Story 3 Plot holes

Minor Plot hole: All the Toys at SunnySide are filmed 24/7 and modern camera systems record everything on tape. It is far-fetched to believe that

Noah Plot holes

Minor plot hole: 30 seconds into the movie, Noah’s dad starts an important rite of passage ceremony with his son and doesn’t notice an entire

X-Men plot holes

Minor Plot hole: Mystique, disguised as Bobby, challenges Rogue in the school’s court and tells her that everyone is furious at her and that she