Batman and Robin Plot holes (by thesharknuker)

Minor plot hole: Mr. Freeze has a medical condition that prohibits him from being able to survive outside of very low temperatures. So it totally makes sense for him to smoke a cigar – just like it makes sense for people to eat bees when they are allergic to them.

Minor plot hole: Batman bids millions of dollars for Poison Ivy at a misogynistic auction. This is about the stupidest thing he can do considering  he doesn't want anybody to figure out that he is billionaire Bruce Wayne who is one of the few people in the city who has that much money to spare. That's of course putting aside the obvious problem of everyone in the city not already knowing Bruce Wayne and Batman are the same dude because they share the same voice and chin in a world where internet and cameras exist.

Major Plot hole: Alfred had a suit waiting for Batgirl just in case she figured out that Wayne and Grayson were Batman and Robin, decided to join them, was able to figure out the password to the bat cave and most importantly, would not get rejected by both men as a useless side-kick. How convenient - and stupid.

Major plot hole: Check out this retarded shit! Poison Ivy wants to kill Robin. Her lips cause death. She kisses Robin. Robin doesn't die because he is wearing rubber lips. Robin is so excited he cheated death with a rubber toy – he decides to take it off and show Poison Ivy why he is still as alive as he is gay. He is immensely alive. And then. For no fucking reason! While Robin's head and his non-plastic lips are 1 feet away from her, Poison Ivy does not try to kiss him again and kill him. Seriously, it's like if you shot a man in the face with a gun but then he removed his invisible metal helmet to make you understand why he didn't die....and then you decide to not shoot him again in the head while his mask is down. God my nose is bleeding. I'll be back.

Major plot hole: Ok I'm back. So after Batgirl kicks Poison Ivy in the ovaries – she is propelled into her carnivorous plant. It closes up on her and traps her. Bu wait! She has the ability to control plant life. Like, all of it. What's going on? Oh god my nose again.

Major plot hole: Ok, sorry about that – should be fine now. So Poison Ivy joins Mr. Freeze in his plan to freeze the world in order to save the planet’s plant life. Being a botanist, or being anyone really, she should know the teeny tiny problem with this plan: most plants cannot survive in extremely low temperatures! Why would you join a man in a plan that is totally against something you stand for? And what kind of retarded plan is this anyway: I want to freeze the World? Guess what doucheface? Your lovely wife won't be able to survive in your cold world of shit - The diamonds your suit needs to keep you alive will be hard to mine with dead  miners. How can both of you not realize how imbecile this whole ordeal is?

Plot contrivance: Despite the considerable weight of his suit and his own body, Mr. Freeze at around 250 pounds is able to swing around on cheapo plastic vine decorations. Physics are for nerds anyway.

Plot contrivance: Batman manages to tape Poison Ivy’s confession with his camera. This would be fine if he had not managed to record her face at an angle which would be impossible to reach from his position on the ceiling tangled up with a plant.

Plot contrivance: After Mr. Freeze freezes "Burd boy" he takes off telling Batman he’ll kill him later. Ok – cool. But why not now? That's what you wanted to do right? And you could have done it now? Why did you leave? Is it because the movie wasn't finished yet? Were you aware you were in a fictional universe controlled by a screenwriter-god high on cocaine?

Plot contrivance: Batman interrupts his fight to ''save'' Robin from his deadly predicament: being almost stuck in a vat of ice cream. Shit Batman, good thing you were there. I'm sure Robin really needed you to stop chasing after Bane and Poison Ivy so that you could lend him a hand at a task even a toddler could do remarkably well. But the script needed a way for the villains to leave the scene and the screenwriter's cocaine dealer knocked at his apartment there you go.

Plot contrivance: Mr. Freeze, Poison Ivy, and Bane survive a 300 foot drop into the water below Arkham Asylum. But at this point in this debilitating work of art, I would have been surprised if they didn't.

Plot contrivance: The entire movie hinges on the assumption that people can survive being frozen. They cannot. They would suffocate long before they could be thawed. Seriously, try it. Put your younger brother in the freezer for the night and check if you can bring him back the next day. (This website does not endorse this last statement and endorses even less the movie Batman and Robin).

Plot contrivance: Why would Bruce Wayne build his giant telescope in the middle of Gotham where light pollution abounds? It would make more sense to built it where all giant telescopes are build: someplace outside of smog and densely populated areas where more stars would be visible.

Plot contrivance: Poison Ivy’s enchantment has no effect on Mr. Freeze. It is obviously not about sexual orientation since Robin got charmed right away. But Mr. Freeeze offers a great explanation: "It doesn’t work on da cohld hahted."

Plot contrivance: Alfred is in the early stages of a deadly incurable disease that Mr. Freeze is trying to cure. How convenient. I wonder what will happen to him at the end of the movie? That is, if I don't resist the urge to kill myself yet after 100 minutes of complete shit!

Retroactive continuity: Two Face's coat is shown hanging up at Arkham Asylum even though he died in Batman Forever. Even if they reclaimed his coat – it should have been all destroyed.

Unaddressed issue: Why did the doctor choose Bane to become his experimental super soldier? Wouldn't he want someone less slow and less stupid?

Unaddressed issue: What happened to Bruce Wayne’s girlfriend? We see her talking to Bruce about going deeper in their relationship but after that scene we never see her again. She probably joined Nicole Kidman – Bruce Wayne's ex-girlfriend from the last movie who was also never mentioned again.

Unaddressed issue: The motorbike chase ends with Robin catching Batgirl before she falls to her death by catching his foot on steel railing and grabbing her by the leg. The next time we see them, they have escaped this position with no explanation as to how they did it. You know why? Because they can't. That position was a death sentence.

Unaddressed issue: Why did Batman, Robin, and Batgirl head back to the Batcave to change their costumes when Mr. Freeze was on the verge of enacting his evil plan? Is being fashionable more of a priority than saving the world?

Unaddressed issue: How did Batman manage to save Mrs. Freeze? Did she just need to be plugged back in? If so, then why didn’t Poison Ivy make sure she would be unsalvageable? All she would need to do is snap her fingers and have Bane break the glass case.

Unaddressed Issue: After Robin whines about how he wants a car, Batman responds with the plot-hole-inducing one liner: "This is why Superman works alone." Since Superman exists in this universe why didn't he show up to stop Mr. Freeze from taking over the world? Or why wasn't he even considered as a potential ally in this deadly global threat?